Adoption and family photos                
Nancy's adoption photos, then our family to follow
Joylin age 19 months celebrating resurrection day!
Saralin's referral photo, age
approximately 10 months.  
Joylin's referral photo.  Age approximately 9
months old.  
Saralin, home at 15 months, being silly
Joylin was almost 3 in this photo, celebrating
Chinese New Year, in March of 2006.  
Joylin was almost 4 in this photo, celebrating
Chinese New Year in Feb of 2007.  
Joylin at 5 yrs. old graduates preschool.
Saralin, so serious and a rare shot at 17 1/2 months
old.  Normally, she is laughing or swaying to the
Saralin, 18 1/2 months old, September 2008  
On Right: Portrait of Nancy with her new family on
adoption day!  December 19, 1961 L to R,  Dr.
Mary Mark,
Ross Mark, Nancy (Lai Kwan), Gerry,  The artist is
Carol Donnelly from        
Saralin, 19 months old, with personality shining!   
Our latest family portrait from 10-08-2008
Joylin was two in this photo, revealing a love to
build, and a smile from a job well done.          
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Full of joy and gladness! Now 2 and topped the
scale at 20 lbs.!
Joylin is
becoming quite an
Joylin's 6th birthday party 5/03/09
Joylin 6,
Saralin 2,
taken in
May '09.  
Saralin, God's love is soooooo big!   
The girls are flying high!  There is no fun like the
We are so blessed!  The girls have bonded so
well.  The Lord knows how to build a family,
bringing two total opposites together with such
Now 3, and what a gal!  Still silly, and that won't
Summer fun!  Joylin now 7 1/2, and Saralin now 3
1/2.  We are blessed, they love to play together,
and their joy is continuous.  We are blessed.    
Always a butterfly fan!  Done by a Chinese
artist at the company picnic.    
Silliness is contagious!   Click on this to figure out
what those stickers are......  
This is the earliest photo we have
of Joylin at her orphanage in China.
 She may be 5 or 6 months old.   
Earliest photo of Nancy from her passport.  
Nothing like a special moment with the biggest
smile!  Saralin, taken in April, 2011.  
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Springtime 2011, and the smiles keep coming!  
2012  A
during play
Joylin and her best friend, Mei,
enjoying a play-date in the  
summer of 2012.  
Our latest Christmas photo, 2012
Silliness evolved!  Saralin just
loves having fun!  Taken 9/12