Nancy McCullough
I (Lai Kwan Chiu) was born in Hong Kong.  At 3 ½  years of age, I was adopted by
Chinese parents and became Canada’s first foreign adoptee.  I lived with my parents
and adopted brother, Gerry, in Montreal until I was 13, after which my family
moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s
degree in Chemistry and eventually pursued a career in computer programming.  My
husband, Paul, and I adopted two Chinese daughters, Joylin (5) and Saralin (1).   We
live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I work as a computer programmer/systems
analyst.  I enjoy serving as head deacon at my local church and co-teaching an adult
Sunday School class with Paul.  My greatest passion, however, is being a mother to
Joylin and Saralin, my pride and joy.
Paul McCullough
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  I had one brother, and three sisters.  I was
fourth in the birth order.  My working profession included Real Estate, Driver
Education, and various entrepreneur endeavors.  Several years after we were
married, Nancy and I attempted to have children.  Our daughter, Rebecca Joy, lived
only 3 hours.  After our journey of healing, we decided to adopt from China.  The
Lord has blessed us with two daughters, and what a journey this has been.  
Currently, as a stay at home father,  I am blessed to see the world fresh through the
eyes of our daughters.  In becoming a father, I have learned, and am learning a
deeper level of our Heavenly Father's love.  
Joylin and Saralin        
Joylin, was adopted May 31, 2004.  She was 13 months old upon adoption.  Her
Chinese name: "Shuang Yu" means double rain.  She was found on the day of her
birth, in a torrential rainstorm.  We read in the Bible that the early rains and the latter
rains (double rain) are needed for the harvest, which is God's blessing.  Joylin is our
double blessing child.  We named her Joylin, as she is a beautiful (Lyn means
beautiful) gift that God brought joy into our lives.  When we landed in Pittsburgh
there was another torrential rainstorm, and as we were leaving the airport, the rain
immediately stopped, and a double rainbow appeared before us.  Just another
reminder of the Lord's hand upon our lives, and His covenant faithfulness.     

Saralin, was adopted May 5, 2008.  She was 14 months old upon adoption.  Her
Chinese name: "Jai Hai" means a great prize from the ocean.  I think of her as a pearl
of great price.   We named her Saralin, as she is a beautiful princess (Sarah means
princess) that God brought into our lives.  We are blessed that Saralin is full of joy
and gladness, another double blessing!  When Saralin approaches us to be picked up,
she shouts for joy!  I delight that Saralin has such a joyful response.  
Both girls bonded with us within a matter of days.  This journey into parenthood has
been delightful, and it is by God's grace that we can make this journey together,
guided by His faithfulness.  We give Him the glory!  
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