Adoption is for a lifetime
My Adoption Story
BOOK COVER IMAGE:  Abandoned, God cradled me and carried me to my
adopted parents.                                                                               
I was Canada's first foreign adoptee.  I share my fascinating story of how God
orchestrated my adoption from Fanling Orphanage in Hong Kong, blessed me
with wonderful parents, a loving husband, and His faithfulness and healing
presence brought me though every struggle, especially the loss of our first
daughter, Rebecca Joy.  Despite the grief, I share how God turned our pain
into joy and sorrow into victory. From what might seem like a tragedy to
most, my husband, Paul, and I now see how God used this great trial to
prepare our hearts for adoption of Joylin (now age
9), our first precious
daughter and our second, Saralin (age
5).  Take a journey  with me as I testify
of the abiding presence of our heavenly Father's heart for adoption, and total
healing of my wounded spirit from abandonment by my birth parents.  
Book Comments for review:   

Nancy and her husband Paul, have walked through the struggle and
triumphs of adoption like few have.  Nancy knows the inner soul of the
adoption process from every angle, as she and Paul carry on caring for their
own Chinese daughters.  If you or anyone you love is touched in any way by
adoption please obtain this book.  Rev. Clay, and Mary McLean, NC

Healing for the Adoptive Soul:  Nancy has voiced what many other adoptive
children were not able to express. I found comfort and healing that she and I
shared some of the same feelings as we were growing up. I love how our
Heavenly Father uses the body to minister to each other. I would
recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about adopting a child. It
will help you minister to your child as they grow up. As parents you will not
feel that you have failed your child as my parents did.  E. Sullivan, Dayton,

Helpful and inspiring:  We recently adopted a daughter from China. So, I
read whatever I can on the topic. This book was so inspiring. The author's
ability to make you feel as if you were present during her journey captivated
me. What was so fascinating was to hear about adoption from the perspective
of the one who was adopted. Her story inspired as it confirmed that each
child has a divine purpose. As I read, I had the sense that God superintended
her story. It infused me with hope that our daughter was protected on her
journey also. I came away with a certainty that she was prepared for our
home in the same way. I can't suggest highly enough that others read this.
WOW!  Judy Steury, Washington, D.C.

I just finished your book.  It was beautifully written. Thank you for sharing
your story. I know that God will use it to bring healing and hope to many. It
was awesome to read how Gods Hand was on you from the very beginning.  
Pauls tribute to Rebecca Joy was incredible! May the Lord always give both
of you His wisdom in raising these precious little girls.  
Suzy Chertik, Pittsburgh, PA

In her inspiring Book, Nancy describes the fascinating account of how God,
as loving Father orchestrated her own adoption as well as her and her
husband Paul's adoption of two precious Chinese daughters, Joylin and
Saralin.  They also share the tragic loss of their first daughter, Rebecca Joy.  
The faithfulness and redemptive healing of our God are experienced by the
reader in this testimony of His power to transform pain into joy and sorrow
into victory.   Dr. Dwight & Keren Hannah Pryor, Dayton OH

I read Nancy's book within a 24 hour period.  It grabbed my attention for
many reasons.  Her honesty and vulnerability spokes to my heart, not only
my mind.  Most significantly, though, God's faithfulness in Nancy's life was
so evident from the first page to the last, and Nancy does give all the glory to
God.  She makes clear, too, that the Lord desires to heal the broken places
in our soul, whether due to life's experiences/circumstances, the evil world,
or our poor choices.  I agree, healing (sanctification) is gradual and it
requires a lifetime of walking with the Lord, like the peeling of an onion, as
Nancy puts it.  I highly recommend this book.  Though the book is about
adoption, it speaks much to anyone with a heart open to the Lord.
Susan Ostrum, IA

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